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Featured Hymns
#1349.  What Miracle! What Mystery!
#1350.  God's Eternal Economy
#1351. Christ Has Come To Be Life
#1352. God has called us for His purpose

[Author's Notes]

 •  Version Date: February 1st, 2014. Please visit to download the latest version.
 •  Hymn numbers correspondences: Available in English/Korean (same numbers), Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, French (Fra), and Portuguese.
 •  The best way you can contribute to this hymnal project is to report all the errors you find!!
 •  If you find any errors, please first download the latest version. If the error still exists in the latest version, please email
 •  This hymnal is made available for you to enjoy the Lord. May you find the Lord as your real enjoyment in these hymns!!